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Reaching the ‘Post-90s Generation’ 九零后

Viral hit in China

Our experimental social series about life in Australia generated millions of views throughout mainland China. The stories did just as well on western platforms, particularly among Chinese-speaking audiences.

The content continues to resonate almost two years after posting with daily likes, comments, and shares. Average watch-times remain well above industry averages.

The videos used a new ‘digital grammar’ designed by Bohdee’s producers, based on data-driven insights of Chinese audiences.

Australian Academy of Science

2 million followers

  • The Academy is Australia’s premier science organisation.
  • We work hand-in-hand with the Academy to produce weekly videos about science for mainstream audiences.

  • Our partnership has resulted in the Academy’s official Facebook page skyrocketing from 9,000 followers to more than 2 million.
  • Our videos have been watched millions of times on various Academy channels and within article embeds on mainstream news sites around the world.
  • The strategy has received national recognition, including a Golden Target Award.
  • Bohdee Media is trusted by the Academy because of our rigorous methods of fact-checking.
  • We also manage the Academy’s Chinese social media accounts.
  • Our Chinese content is reviewed by an esteemed panel of Chinese scientists, and has received recognition by the Australian Embassy in Beijing.
Parliament of New South Wales

We were tasked with capturing a day in the life of Australia’s first parliament. Our video is now shown regularly throughout Parliament and by parliamentarians during official events.

    The People’s Place, produced for the Parliament of New South Wales

    Adam and his team are top-notch talent, with incredible industry expertise, technical ability and creative flair. They work with professionalism and attention to detail. The quality of the video was exceptional, and generated an incredibly positive response from the staff and MPs here at the New South Wales Parliament. 

    Ellie Laing

    Deputy Chief of Staff to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly